Klassenfahrt 8E

Written by a student, 8E
My class and me were in Oldenburg for a week. On Monday we had a two-hours train ride to our destiny. We went on a city tour with Bernd, our tour guide. After a while the tour ended and we enjoyed our free time for the rest of the day. On the next day we visited the “Klimahaus” in Bremerhaven – it was a huge exhibition of animals, countries, and cultures. I remember that Wednesday was my favourite day: We went swimming in the “OLantis Huntebad” and that was very funny. The next thing I know that we went in the museum on Thursday, which everyone thought to be boring. Good thing we watched “Enkel für Fortgeschrittene” at the cinema afterwards. Friday was the end of our trip: I struggled with my luggage in the train but finally we made it back to Brunswick.


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